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Centurion leaking pressure valve

When the water heater heats up the water in the tank it expands and the water typically ends up expanding back out the cold water inlet all the way back to the water supply coming in to the house so when the water heater heats the water it expands and build up pressure in a closed system and when the pressure builds up the water heater just does its job and relieves the excess pressure by leaking a little water but more than a few litres a day is an indication of a more serious leaking problem and the only way to fix this leak is either to replace the relief valve or check for any kind of leakage in the relief valve preferably by a professional plumber such as our technical experts at Centurion who will troubleshoot any area of concern and replace a faulty pressure relief with an upmarket new one.

If you notice any geyser symptom at your home like diminishing water pressure or no water pressure and hammering or vibrating noises in your walls you should immediately call in professionals like our plumbers at Centurion in the Centurion region to attend to the problem to prevent extensive damage. Our service technicians at Centurion in the Centurion region are trained professionals who are excellent in troubleshooting any kind of pressure valve issues like corrosion in the pressure control valve thus will they repair any faults or replace the pressure valve with an upmarket quality replacement part. You can rest assure that our plumbers at Centurion in the Centurion region will do a thorough inspection prior to replacing pressure valves.Pressure valves performs the function of reducing and controlling the water pressure and is thus a vital part of your plumbing outfit in Centurion as we experience lots of water pressure fluctuations in Centurion. If your water pressure valve gets worn and old it will start leaking water – a common occurrence in Centurion. We have sampled some typical problems experienced with pressure valves in the Centurion area. Worn valves will easily start passing water to reduce the pressure supplying the geyser in order to prevent the geyser from exploding, and because the plumbing installations in Centurion are old and worn we have to replace the pressure valve. You will notice on the outside of our premises that water will running down from the roof that is your indicator that your high pressure valve could be blown.

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