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New Gauteng washing machine point installation

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New Gauteng washing machine point installation

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Our plumber in the Gauteng area have all the required material to install your new washing machine in no time. What we will install typically for a new washing machine point is as follows:

    Waste water system in Gauteng

When your washing machine runs through its cycle it will dump waste water as it washes and rinses the clothes as do all other washing machines in Gauteng. The waste water will typically go into a gully to enter the sewer system in Gauteng. In most cases we will connect the waste pipe to one nearby and in certain instances we need to make a hole in your wall to get the waste pipe to your gully which is more uncommon in Gauteng. Our Gauteng plumbers will obviously also clean up when they are done with the job at hand.

    Hot and cold-water taps in Gauteng

We will add these water points for you to ensure the proper functioning of your washing machine in Gauteng because we fit the right taps that can connect to your washing machines water supply pipes.
In certain instances, we need to use our company electrician to add an electrical point for you and that is why we at Gauteng plumbers proudly offer you the services of our electrician in the Gauteng area to add an electrical point if in need be.

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