No hot water in Centurion
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No hot water in Centurion

No hot water in Centurion Centurion | Faulty geyser in Centurion | Faulty element geyser in Centurion Centurion Gauteng

No hot water in Centurion

You rush home from a hard-working day and look forward to a nice relaxing hot bath but to your disappointment only cold water runs through the tap then you know it is time to call in our plumbers at Centurion in the Centurion area to quickly fix your problem. There are a couple of reasons why there is no hot water such as failing elements or a broken thermostat that helps to regulate the temperature of water inside a geyser and trying to fix the problem DIY style might cause you injuries and at the end of the day money rather have one of our service technicians at Centurion in the Centurion region come to your house to troubleshoot and fix the problem in no time so that your next bath is hot and enjoyable.extratextusednow

Geyser repair plumbers in Centurion

Centurion Plumbers have a specialized team of geyser plumbers that can detect and repair or replace a geyser on the spot. Our plumbers in Centurion carry stock of nearly every geyser sold in Centurion so that we can assist you on the spot. Our certified solar geyser technicians can repair any solar geyser problem while they visit your premises.

Typical reasons for no hot water in Centurion

  • A faulty thermostat in Centurion

    A faulty thermostat stuck on the off position will cause the water in your geyser to stay cold. In this case you will need to replace the thermostat we do that daily.
  • A faulty element in Centurion

    A faulty element will cause the water in the geyser to never heat up, we replace elements in the Centurion area daily
  • Thermostat stuck in Centurion

    If the thermostat is stuck on the on position we will need to replace the thermostat for you as soon as possible.
  • Self sacrificing Anode in geyser in Centurion

    The self sacrificing Anode will protect your geyser in Centurion however the geysers in Centurion is basically never serviced in the Centurion and surrounding areas.

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