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Blocked sink in Gauteng Gauteng Gauteng

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Blocked sink in Gauteng

Due to the curved shape of a sink trap it tends to collect debris such as hair and soap scum in the bathroom basin or grease and food particles which makes it the number one location for clogging in the sewer system as our plumbers at Gauteng in the Gauteng region has witnessed many times. This clogging can cause unpleasant results such as no water draining from the sink and gas causing terrible smells in your home not to mention the ideal breeding place for illness causing germs like the staphylococcus virus that is why our service experts at Gauteng in the Gauteng area take blocked basin traps seriously and will fix the problem without hesitation so you can have ease of mind and a stench-free environment.A Blocked sink in Gauteng Gauteng | Gauteng Gauteng blocked sink is very common and Gauteng Plumbers clear them daily.

The root causes and how to avoid a blocked sink in Gauteng

The root causes and how to avoid a Blocked sink in Gauteng Gauteng | Gauteng Gauteng blocked sink are as follows:

  • Hair trapped inside the bathroom sink in Gauteng

    In the bathroom sink you may cause blockages by hair and you should take care to avoid getting hair into the basin trap. In these cases we have removed amazing clogs in the pipe due to hair that builds up inside the pipe.
  • Food stuck in kitchen sink trap

    Foods down the kitchen sink causes over a period of time nasty blockages. Number one culprit here is obviously greasy elements when doing dishes and we will strongly recommend first removing fatty substances from your dishes pots and pans before you start doing dishes.
  • Foreign objects stuck in waste traps in Gauteng

    Foreign objects have caused some amazing clogs. If you have kids in the house rest assured you might have one of these “foreign” objects like toys and the like disappearing down the sink...

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