Mnandi sacrificing Anode
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Mnandi sacrificing Anode

Mnandi sacrificing Anode Centurion | Sacrificing Anode in Mnandi Centurion Pretoria

Mnandi sacrificing Anode Centurion

Today it is common knowledge that all sorts of adverse metals and chemicals are used to treat the water in the water supply for Mnandi. Typically, chemicals like fluoride are used which is known to burn holes in metal and even through concrete and taking into account the amount of fluoride added to the water supply of Mnandi in Centurion it is beneficial to a 5 yearly cycle check or replace the self-sacrificing anode inside your geyser.

Sacrificing Anode in Mnandi Centurion Pretoria

It prevents chemicals that cause corrosion inside the geyser and due to the fact that the geysers in Mnandi are not serviced on a regular basis in Mnandi these chemicals will play a role in the degradation of your water heating system.

Geyser maintenance in Mnandi

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America has classified Fluoride as a neurotoxin meaning it kills your brain – yet the chemical is still added to our drink water in Mnandi.

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