Blocked basin in Mont Lorraine

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Blocked basin in Mont Lorraine 

We do not always realize how much soap scum and hair goes down a basin drain pipe until water don't drain from the basin then in a short while a foul smell enters the home that is so unpleasant that you might experience the urge to run away but rather call in the experts such as our plumbers at Mont Lorraine in the Wonderboom region to attend to this smelly situation. Blocked basin traps are our business at Mont Lorraine in Wonderboom and we do it with the correct unclogging tools using only quality brand name replacement parts because we live up to our excellent track record so you can rest assure that after our technicians have left your premises your blocked basin trap problem will be something of the past. A Blocked basin in Mont Lorraine blocked basin is very common and we clear them daily.

Root causes of a Mont Lorraine blocked basin 

The root causes and how to avoid a Blocked basin in Mont Lorraine are as follows:

Hair blocking basins in Mont Lorraine

In the bathroom basin you may cause blockages by hair and you should take care to avoid getting hair into the basin trap. In these cases we have removed amazing clogs in the pipe due to hair that builds up inside the pipe.Arrows to like Mont Lorraine Plumbers Facebook page

Hard water in Mont Lorraine is common

This is water that contains lots of chemicals such as calcium for example. These chemicals cause rough spots in the piping that catches hair and other debris going down the basin waste pipe. Over a period of time these debris accumulate to cause blockages.

Foreign objects causing a Mont Lorraine basin blockage 

Foreign objects have caused some amazing clogs. If you have kids in the house rest assured you might have one of these “foreign” objects like toys and the like disappearing down the basin.

Blocked basin trap in Mont Lorraine
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