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New Doornfontein solar geyser 

At New Doornfontein in the entire Johannesburg region, our company live by a certain code of ethics that consist of professionals that conduct business honestly with integrity and our ethical principles are based on our company's core values. At New Doornfontein in New Doornfontein we strive to deliver a service that is satisfactory to our clients with upmarket products of the highest quality and a speedy installation service. Our service team at New Doornfontein in the broad Johannesburg region offer you quality products and excellent workmanship done by well trained professionals who will gladly give you expert advice on issues such as old or broken geysers. New Doornfontein in the Johannesburg region is an accredited service provider with a magnificent track record.Arrows to like New Doornfontein Plumbers Facebook page

Save money in New Doornfontein on your water and lights account 

South Africa is the perfect country for the installation of solar geysers since we have abundance of sunlight and our members at New Doornfontein in the Johannesburg region productively make use of that to our client's advantage. We realize that the cost of electricity is extremely expensive, especially when you use an electrical geyser but New Doornfontein in New Doornfontein will help you save money by converting your electrical geyser into a solar system thus you can save up to 50% on your electrical bill.

Quality Solar Technology in New Doornfontein 

New Doornfontein in the Johannesburg region have installation teams situated throughout South Africa comprised of the highest caliber of qualified technical experts that ensure each installation is done in the most professional manner and we utilize the latest and highest quality technology which is designed specifically for each application such as our solar installations.

How does solar geyser systems work in New Doornfontein? 

Solar thermal collectors (panels) installed on a roof or other location, like the units that our technicians at New Doornfontein in New Doornfontein install, absorb solar energy and a low-energy pump makes the solar liquid circulate through the collectors and delivers heat to a water storage tank so if you need hot water, the solar-heated water in the storage tank pre-feeds the primary water-heating system.

Will the Solar Geyser be a fire hazard during hot, dry weather in New Doornfontein? 

Our team at New Doornfontein in the Johannesburg region can assure you that our solar geyser's components are all high temperature rated and non-flammable so even during strong sunlight, the system will not catch a light or give off any sparks and that is why it is perfectly safe to have an electrical solar geyser installed on a log cabin.

Are Solar Geysers expensive in New Doornfontein? 

In the long term, a solar geyser installed by our service experts at New Doornfontein in Johannesburg can save you up to 90% of your household's hot water electricity expenses and over the long term it is considerably cheaper than buying a straight electric or gas geyser due to the much lower running costs of a solar geyser system and you won't have to worry about expensive repair or maintenance costs like with conventional electric geysers.

New Doornfontein solar geyser Johannesburg Gauteng
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