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Plumbers near Gauteng 063 807 3193 is the nearest plumber to Gauteng and surrounding areas in Gauteng. Gauteng plumbers also offer free call out fees to clients closest to Gauteng.

Plumbers Near Gauteng

Plumbers Near Me Gauteng
Plumbers Near Gauteng

Plumbers near Gauteng offer the culmination between the right tools and replacement parts to ensure your total satisfaction. Our plumbers are some of the highest trained individuals and work in teams in Gauteng as the nearest plumber to you. Our teams upscale experience with complexity of jobs encountered in Gauteng. We work any time of the day or night including weekends to ensure that you are comfortable and safe during these trying times with the pandemic.

Plumber near Gauteng is on standby awaiting your request at this time call as we are always open. Our esteemed plumbers are fully equipped to deal with any plumbing request no matter how big or small as our teams in Gauteng are certified to deal with burst geysers, blocked drains, leaking taps, burst pipes, running toilets and other plumbing issue you might experience. Our plumbers near Gauteng are also staying in the Gauteng area and can thus be at your side on no time to help with that nagging plumbing issue like a blocked toilet, blocked shower or a nasty blocked drain.

Plumbers close to Gauteng

Plumbers near Gauteng uses the latest drain camera systems to detect collapsed sewer lines. The reason is because of the high volumes of requests we receive monthly for drain systems to be repaired in Gauteng. With a drain camera system, we can visually inspect the inside of the sewer line in Gauteng and confirm on the spot if the sewer line has collapsed. Another handy tool our plumbers near Gauteng use is the latest leak detection systems to ensure that we will detect the portion of the pipe that leaks valuable water. A leaking pipe in Gauteng can easily run your municipal account into thousands of Rands vet quickly. These are just some of the technologies used by our plumbers near Gauteng to ensure that you get the best possible plumbing service. Our field staff coordinates all activities of the field staff and are highly trained professionals on all levels of plumbing services required in Gauteng and the surrounding areas of Gauteng. This means that our back-office staff near Gauteng will stay in constant contact with you the client whilst directing our field plumbers near Gauteng in the most efficient manner possible. Driving efficiency of our field staff to the maximum is their daily effort to ensure more happy clients in Gauteng. That is what has made us different in Gauteng and that is best possible training of our staff in Gauteng.

Plumbers in Gauteng

Our staff services the whole of the Gauteng and surrounding areas and are awaiting your call. As we operate on an all hour’s basis which means that you are more than welcome to contact us now.

  • Blocked toilet cleaning
  • Blocked drain cleaning
  • Leaking geyser repair
  • Solar geyser repair
  • Mixer repairs
  • Sink repairs
  • Basin repairs
  • Burst geyser repair
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Water leak repair
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Leaking shower repair
  • Blocked toilet cleaning
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We don’t charge for quotes or call-out fees.

All plumbing repairs including Solar


Our artisans are fully stocked with all parts, so we also offer an emergency service.

Charley will testify that when using the latest technologies, it makes hi task in Gauteng a breeze. It is for this reason that we use somebody like Charley, because with his experience and the latest technologies our jobs flow easily without any hiccups. Scarlet will confirm that his teams are extremely efficient in detecting the issue and getting right into fixing it, no mess, no fuss. Charley understands the frustration when a client is confronted with a plumbing emergency. His patience and soft-spoken manner will always be a great help in resolving the issue fast.

How we work

Upon arrival in Gauteng we determine the exact nature of the plumbing problem you have.

Determining the faulty parts that needs to be replaced is what Charley excels in.

In handing you a quotation we will work with Charley to determine material cost, time needed, and the machines required to do the repair for you.

Up to this point we haven’t charged yet, only on your approval will we start the work.

We work in Bartlett Road, Beyers Park, Boksburg


No we dont. We only charge when you have accepted the quotation.

No we use a flat rate. So if you contact us on a Sunday evening, the rate will be the same as on Monday morning.

No we deal directly with you the client. We do however prepare all the required documentation for the insurance claim with supporting documentation and photos.

Yes we are a COD company. This means that we require proof of payment once we have completed the work.

Yes we do. We offer 3 months guarantees on workmanship, and normally 12 months on material, except in the case of geysers which carry a 5 year warranty.

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    Solar Geyser Repair

    Solar Geyser Repair

    Solar geyser repairs performed by us come standard with a free call-out fee. We also include guarantees and an ...

    Electric Geyser Repair

    Electric Geyser Repairs

    Electric Geyser Repairs all hours with a free call-out fee and a guarantee on all work performed

    Drain Cleaning

    Drain Cleaning

    Drain Cleaning services all hours including a guarantee and after-sales service with a free call-out fee.

    Sewer Line Repair

    Sewer Line Repair

    Sewer Line Repair at all hours including weekends with a guarantee on parts and workmanship.

    Toilet Installation

    Toilet Installation

    Toilet Installation by a qualified plumber always ensures satisfaction and reliability. We offer guarantees and after-sales service.

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