Water leak in Tekbase

Tekbase water leaks

Tekbase water leaks from plumbing fixtures such as pipes and fittings are a big source of water waste for many households and businesses but also a great concern for the environment since we live in a country that had quite a few drought stricken years and we cannot afford to waste a drop of water thus is our plumbers at Tekbase in the broad Centurion region are aware of this and will do everything in our ability to consume water reserves. Some water leaks are not visible but a water meter check-up can give you a good indication whether there is a leak or not and our service experts at Tekbase in the Centurion region are able to inspect every cause of water leakage and will perform the necessary repairs or replacement of worn out parts.The time is now and we are busy repairing a Water leak in Tekbase Centurion.

Water leaks in the Tekbase area

Water leaks in the Tekbase area is very common and can be attributed to old and worn pipes. Typical reasons for water leaks are as follows:Burst pipes in Tekbase Burst pipes in Tekbase are common and we do them daily. The reason for this is simple the high pressure valves in Tekbase area are old and worn causing high pressure water to flow through old and degraded pipes causing breaks in the weak spots of the piping Old pipes are a common site in Tekbase Old pipes are a common site in Tekbase and as a result we are getting lots of calls for water leaks in Tekbase. The old houses in Tekbase are still fitted with Galvanised pipes that is prone to get worn over a period of time Worn pipe connections in Tekbase Worn pipe connections and old plumbing installations over a period of time deteriorate to the extent that connections start leaking waterArrows to like Tekbase Plumbers Facebook page

High water bills in Tekbase

Water leaks in Tekbase can run up water bills that will make your hair stand on end. It is for your own benefit that you get them fixed as quickly as possible by calling on the service of Tekbase Plumbers. An easy way to check if you have a water leak in Tekbase is to close all taps in your house overnight and also the water supply to your geyser. You then take the water in Tekbase reading of your house at the water meter outside your premises. When you wake up the next morning before you use any water check the reading of your Tekbase water meter. If the meter ran during the course of the night you know you have a typical Tekbase water leak.

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