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24/7 Gauteng plumbers

24/7 plumber in Gauteng operate on a free call out and free quotes basis around the Gauteng area inside Gauteng. Gauteng Plumbers repair Burst geysers, burst pipes, blocked toilets, blocked drains, blocked showers, leaking taps, leaking mixers, faulty geysers and overflowing toilets all hours.

24/7 Gauteng plumbers

24/7 all hour plumbers in Gauteng busy repairing a plumbing
24/7 Gauteng plumbers

No matter what plumbing emergency you may experience in the Gauteng area we have your back. We understand the frustrations of dealing with blocked drains over the weekend which is a common occurrence in the Gauteng area. Gauteng plumbers repair and fix blocked drains, burst pipes, leaking taps, damaged pipes, burst pipes, leaking toilets, blocked toilets, faulty geysers, leaking geysers and blocked showers.. Not to mention burst pipes and geyser which have escalated in Gauteng. Our teams of certified Gauteng plumbers have many years of experience and can effortlessly explain to you what the best options would be for you to take to avoid some common plumbing emergencies in Gauteng.. 24/7 plumber in Gauteng are fully equipped to fix your plumbing problem now. We operate in the In Gauteng and surrounding areas all hours of the day and night no matter the size of the job big or small. Our Plumb A Nator plumbers in Gauteng are fully equipped to deal with all your plumbing needs in the In Gauteng area, which might vary from:

  • Blocked toilet cleaning
  • Blocked drain cleaning
  • Leaking geyser repair
  • Solar geyser repair
  • Mixer repairs
  • Sink repairs
  • Basin repairs
  • Burst geyser repair
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Water leak repair
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Leaking shower repair
  • Blocked toilet cleaning
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We don’t charge for quotes or call-out fees.

All plumbing repairs including Solar


Our artisans are fully stocked with all parts, so we also offer an emergency service.

24/7 Gauteng plumbing tips

Gauteng leaking toilet

A leaking toilet in Gauteng is small change for Charley as he has all the tools and parts to repair your toilet now. Every day that passes you could be losing up to 200 litres of water daily. The monthly expenses on a such a leak could amount in thousands of wasted rands while Charley is on standby to assist you now. Charley work all hours as an emergency plumbing service in Gauteng.

  • We offer options for pricing on every repair
  • Expert, guaranteed workmanship
  • Emergency & Weekend Service
  • Warranty on Parts & Labour
  • After sales service
  • Free Call Out Fees
Every day we're inspired by our team members in Gauteng dedication to their journey navigating plumbing issue. No need to stress when we assist you as we do a full all-round service

Benefits of using Gauteng Plumb A Nator plumbers

Many companies and homeowners prefer using Gauteng Plumb A Nator plumbers because of all the benefits they enjoy. The benefits are diverse and affect many aspects of your daily living in Gauteng. Charley will agree that the benefits are what we offer offices and homeowners in Gauteng. These are the benefits we offer you: Free call out for a plumbing repair or plumbing emergency in Gauteng • No charge for plumbing quotations in Gauteng • Guaranteed plumbing repairs in Gauteng • We have been working in Gauteng repairing plumbing issues for the past 12 years • We have a back office that ensures communication between you and the plumber are always on the highest level possible • We offer an all hour plumbing emergency service • We are local in Gauteng and can thus be at your premises in a small amount of time • We offer cost-effective plumbing repair services without cutting corners on quality • Charley is patient and will always explain exactly what needs to be done to repair your plumbing problems • Our objective is to build a long-term relationship with you which means that we will always be prepared to walk that extra mile for you

  • You approve the price before we start the job
  • We treat your property like our own
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Commercial Plumbing

24 hour Plumber Gauteng in Gauteng

As time have taught us it is not only an after-hour service we deliver in Gauteng, but also a product that gets installed. Thus, demanding that we have stock on hand for all our team members in Gauteng. Charley always ensures that he will be fully stocked before his shift starts because when night falls shops closes and then it becomes challenge to obtain certain parts. Our teams are also in close contact with emergency suppliers, but we all know that in Gauteng it is not always possible to get that one particular part you are in need of.

To be expected our teams are punctual as we are local in Gauteng. Charley heads our teams in the area and will always answer questions from clients gladly. He understands the importance of understanding what needs to be done in order to get the issue resolved as Charley is highly qualified and certified. It is for this reason that we use Charley for emergency plumbing applications in Gauteng.

Because you are important to us, we are also covered by Public Lability insurance in Gauteng. This means that our staff in Gauteng treat your property as if it is their own. This is the reason why we are confident to repair from a leaking shower to a faulty mixer at night.

  • We are accountable to each other and the community we have sworn to serve.
  • We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the demonstration of high professional standards.
Fully stocked with upfront pricing makes us in Gauteng a success.

We work in Bartlett Road, Beyers Park, Boksburg


No we dont. We only charge when you have accepted the quotation.

No we use a flat rate. So if you contact us on a Sunday evening, the rate will be the same as on Monday morning.

No we deal directly with you the client. We do however prepare all the required documentation for the insurance claim with supporting documentation and photos.

Yes we are a COD company. This means that we require proof of payment once we have completed the work.

Yes we do. We offer 3 months guarantees on workmanship, and normally 12 months on material, except in the case of geysers which carry a 5 year warranty.

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    24/7 Gauteng plumbers services

    Solar Geyser Repair

    Solar Geyser Repair

    Solar geyser repairs performed by us come standard with a free call-out fee. We also include guarantees and an ...

    Electric Geyser Repair

    Electric Geyser Repairs

    Electric Geyser Repairs all hours with a free call-out fee and a guarantee on all work performed

    Drain Cleaning

    Drain Cleaning

    Drain Cleaning services all hours including a guarantee and after-sales service with a free call-out fee.

    Sewer Line Repair

    Sewer Line Repair

    Sewer Line Repair at all hours including weekends with a guarantee on parts and workmanship.

    Toilet Installation

    Toilet Installation

    Toilet Installation by a qualified plumber always ensures satisfaction and reliability. We offer guarantees and after-sales service.

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