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Gauteng 300l Solar Geyser

Gauteng 300l Solar Geyser repairs and installation all hours including weekends and public holidays in Gauteng and surrounding areas of Gauteng with guarantees and after sales service.

300l Gauteng Solar Geyser

Gauteng 300l Solar Geyser installations by Gauteng plumbers conforms to the highest installation standards. Charley employed by us ensures that every installation is according to IOPSA, SABS and related industry standards organizations. We always ensure adhere hence to the latest installation rules so that your new Gauteng solar geyser will be covered by insurance companies and for your safety. Making use of the best quality material in Gauteng, when dealing with a solar installation results in less comebacks and complications. Our dedicated teams of installers and repair technicians in Gauteng are also local in Gauteng. Specialists in the Gauteng solar field is a must to ensure that you will never be left without hot water. The benefit of using a solar geyser in Gauteng is that the temperatures and quality of sun rays in Gauteng is more than sufficient to keep your geyser water warm enough. This means that you safe a lot of electricity in Gauteng which would be used to warm your geyser. It also makes you less reliant on Escom power and if you have load shedding in Gauteng it will not affect your household, complex, office or school. Our teams will gladly offer free advice and seek the best possible solar solution in Gauteng that will fit your particular requirements and budget. Charley in Gauteng also carry stock of nearly all the parts prone to become faulty on these geysers and can thus assist you any time with a faulty geyser as we also fix solar geysers from all the different manufacturers common in the greater Gauteng area. The main features of this geysers are as follows:

• 300-liter high-pressure Solar geyser The volume of this geyser is more than sufficient for any sized residence or office to ensure that you will not run out of hot water.

• 30 Tubes These are the tubes that heats up the water in your Gauteng geyser.

• Stand included The stand for the Gauteng 300l Solar Geyser was specifically designed to promote solar heating of the tubes that contains the geyser water.

• SABS Approved To ensure that the geyser comply with the strongest standards tests South Africa can afford. All the solar geysers we install comply with the SANS 1307 standard for 400KPA geysers.

• 5-Year Guarantee A guarantee for the Gauteng 300l Solar Geyser is an absolute must for peace of mind that you are purchasing a valued addition to your premises which will be an asset. Self-Sacrificing Anode An Aluminum self-sacrificing anode are fitted for corrosion protection

• Frost This solar geyser can be installed in frost and frost-free locations and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total Dissolved Solids/Minerals).

The benefits of a Gauteng Solar Geyser

• Investment Payback Period is short.

• Protection from power failures and increased electricity tariffs.

• Water heating will be free because sun rays does not cost a cent.

• Increases the value of your property.

• Clean energy usage helps saving the planet.

• Save money on heating water as soon as the plumber is finished with installation.

• Reduce water and electricity bill by as much as 40% monthly.

• Maintenance & servicing is generally very low and Gauteng plumbers can help.

• SABS approved with a 5-year guarantee.

  • Pipe Repairs Installation
  • Mixer Fixes
  • Slab Leak Repairs
  • Toilets Plumbing
  • Sinks Problems
  • Showers
  • Re-Piping
  • Plumbing for Bathroom

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