Gauteng geyser repair

Gauteng geyser repairs

Gauteng geyser repairs with original spare parts with a free call out fee in the greater Gauteng area. We operate all hours including weekends and public holidays in Gauteng.

Solar Geyser Prices

    Gauteng geyser repairs

    Gauteng geyser repairs are done daily due to failing valves. This is the most common issue in Gauteng. As soon as you notice water running from your roof you need to take action so that we can despatch our Gauteng team to assist you. It usually is either T&P (temperature and pressure) valves that cause the water leak. Reyansh is qualified and certified to repair your geyser when it becomes faulty in Gauteng. Thus, your most expensive plumbing item will be in good hands.. In more remote cases we have found clients in Gauteng have a vacuum breaker faulty. In this case, it is a quick in and out repair as we just close off the water and do the replacement.

    Save money by dealing with your faulty Solar Geyser. Our teams have replacement parts, tools, and certifications to assist you now.

    Typical Solar Geyser faults

    Solar Geysers in Gauteng usually suffer from the following faulty parts:

    Booster Element and Thermostat

    Booster elements are the same as the element for your electrical geyser. Thus, when it becomes faulty and your geyser is not operating correctly, you might experience no hot water. In this case, our team in Gauteng will replace the element by disconnecting the geyser from the electrical supply and also the water supply line. Open the geyser and replace the faulty parts. When this is finalized, we will reassemble the geyser and reconnect it to power and the water supply line. Then we can refill the geyser with water and test it.

    Geyserwise System

    Once we have confirmed that the Geyserwise TSE is faulty, we will simply just replace it. Due to the fact that these units are readily available and also cost-effective, the only viable solution is to replace the unit.

    Circulation Pump

    As soon as the water inside the Solar collector stands still. the geyser will not heat up. Thus, to ensure proper functioning, we will always confirm the proper functioning of your circulation pump.

    Evacuated Tubes

    Rarely tubes brakes on the Evacuated Tube systems. In this case, we just simply replace the tube that was affected. When you have a faulty circulation pump in remote cases we have found that it results in a cracked tube.

    Beat the electrical price hike effective 1 April in Gauteng

    Beat the electrical price hike effective 1 April in Gauteng by installing a Solar Geyser and save on your electrical consumption

    Electrical Geyser repairs

    Faulty geysers normally do not produce hot water. In our experience the Element, Thermostat, and Flange Gaskets need replacement. The Element is fitted on the inside of the geyser, alongside the Flange Gasket. Lastly, the Thermostat slides into the Element. Once fitted the electrical supply can be restored so that we can then establish proper operation. In some cases, the electrical supply becomes faulty and that means possibly a faulty wire, Circuit Breaker, or Isolator. In this case, we do have certified electricians in Gauteng who will do the repair on the spot while you wait.

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