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The reason why you must choose only the most qualified plumber to do a plumbing repair for you is that you would like to protect your most valuable investment. Obviously, that is your property. This is the reason why we treat your property like our own. Apart from the fact that we only use the best qualified and equipped plumbers to help us also protect ourselves.

Apart from this fact we are also insured should a job go pear-shaped? This should be a clear indication to any possible client that we are in the business to create long-term relationships with our clients. Our teams specialize in their respective fields and that is why we will only send a team that fits your particular problem.

This means that when our plumber arrives at your doorstep, he specializes in the field of your particular plumbing issue. Some teams just open drains, and others only work on solar systems. The benefit is that our teams will be able to deliver a more specialized service to our clients.

What we offer

What we offer is a full plumbing service with a guarantee. This obviously means that we offer a full aftersales service with every job we do.

Apart from this fact we also offer this service on an all-hour service. To top it all off we don’t charge more for after-hours. This means that if you contact us on a Saturday, you will still pay the same rate as on a Monday morning.


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