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Emergency Solar Geyser Repair

Solar geyser repairs performed by us come standard with a free call-out fee. We also include guarantees and an after-sales service that operates all hours should something go wrong.

Typically we do:

Glycol Top-Ups

Glycol Top-Ups are done on a yearly bases. We will first check and confirm that you need a top-up as it is not always required. In many instances we have found with faulty solar systems that the Glycol is running low, causing the solar side of the geyser not to produce any heat.

In a case like this, we will simply top-up the Glycol, and the geyser will start functioning in top form again.

Element Thermostat Replacements

Element Thermostat Replacements are done daily by our teams. Normally we do have stock of elements, thermostats, and flange gaskets in order to do the replacement. This means that we can do the replacements after hours also, making your life such a breeze. Our teams also offer guarantees on workmanship backed by an after-sales service.

Obviously, we need to drain the geyser after we have removed the electrical connection to the geyser. We will then open the geyser and replace the parts. Once the geyser is fully assembled again. We can reconnect the electrical connection.

Isolator Switch Replacements

Isolator Switch replacements require the services of an electrician. We have specialized teams that are both qualified plumbers and electricians. We normally dedicate these teams to geyser complaints and they can do the repair from your DB board, right up to geyser replacements.

When your isolator switches at the geyser become faulty, your geyser will simply not warm up. In this case, we will check and confirm the isolator is faulty.

Solar Geyser Repair Prices

Solar Collector Replacements

Solar Collector replacements apply to flat panel collectors. In this case, we have no option but to replace the complete collector. We have found with some makes and models that the collector cracks in winter times during extremely cold weather.

Solar Tube Replacements

Solar Tube replacements are done when a tube becomes faulty. With Thermosyphon solar systems it does happen that a tube can become faulty in that it cracks or leaks. In this case, we will simply replace the faulty tube with a new one.

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