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Mondeor plumbing COC

Mondeor plumbing COC is what we offer the property owners in Mondeor. Our plumbers are fully certified and qualified with more than 25 years in the plumbing arena to issue your Certificate of Compliance for the property you are selling in Mondeor. Â Our plumbers in Mondeor will do a through investigation into your plumbing installation before issuing your plumbing COC. If any alterations have to be made for your property in Mondeor our plumbers will be able to do the change or repair as needed on the spot as our plumbers also carry stock on hand to ensure that the issuing of your plumbing COC will be issued in no time. Our plumbers in Mondeor also attend brush up courses to ensure that they are acquainted with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Latest Mondeor geyser installation rules

Latest Mondeor geyser installation rules dictate that a plumbing CoC must be issued with a geyser replacement. It is for this reason that our plumbers are fully certified to issue plumbing CoC certificates in Mondeor.

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Mondeor 300ℓ high-pressure solar geyser

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